We know protein biomarker profiling.

Send us your samples and we’ll help you find the biomarker profiles that matter.

Myriad RBM’s experts have built a platform optimized to serve researchers across all major disease indications. Regardless of your area of study, we can help you discover and validate protein biomarker profiles for use in the following drug and companion diagnostic development efforts:

  • Identifying responders versus non-responders
  • Expanding indications for approved drugs/Drug re-tasking
  • Predicting drug toxicity
  • Therapeutic monitoring
  • Pharmacodynamics

Why Choose Myriad RBM?

Largest available menu of quantitative immunoassays – increases the odds of identifying a pattern

View our biomarker menu in the following therapeutic indications:

Rigorous quality standards – ensures reproducible results

An Overview of Assay Quality Systems at Myriad RBM, Quality Control White Paper By Brian T. Welsh, Ph.D.
and James Mapes, Ph.D. View Paper »

Optimized Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) Platform

  • Multiplexing capability – preserves sample volume
  • Proprietary blockers – reduces matrix interferences
  • Industrialized platform – delivers precise, high throughput processing

Watch this video to learn about Myriad RBM’s Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) platform. Watch the MAP technology Webinar »

Experienced partner – illustrates successful applications of our services

View Myriad RBM’s full bibliography »

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