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Featured Breakthroughs

Rules-Based Medicine Reaches a Significant Milestone in Companion Diagnostic Program With Roche Milestone Demonstrates Effectiveness of RBM’s Strategic Biomarker Services


Rules-Based Medicine (RBM), a global leader in biomarker testing services, and its subsidiary, Psynova Neurotech, has achieved a significant milestone in a companion diagnostic development program with Roche. Using samples from a Roche clinical trial, the RBM DiscoveryMAP® platform, and Psynova’s biomarker database and expertise, a biomarker pattern was identified that has utility in prognosis of disease progression and/or predicting or monitoring the efficacy for a compound in the Roche CNS pipeline.
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Hepatitis C: In 2011, a predictive marker for response to therapy


The investigators worked in close collaboration with an American company, Rules Based Medicine, Inc., who will develop a diagnostic test to distinguish the different forms of IP-10 as a simple blood test. This test will be a significant step towards the improved management of patients with HCV as well as other chronic inflammatory diseases.
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A Serum Protein-Based Algorithm for the Detection of Alzheimer Disease

Arch Neurol 67: 1077-1081

First, our serum protein assays were conducted by RBM, who have developed high-throughput methods for reliable assay of high volumes of samples and analytes. Rules-Based Medicine is the leading biomarker company in the United States, working with multiple pharmaceutical companies and the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative as well as several of the leading AD biomarker research laboratories both within and outside the United States…
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Validation of a Blood-Based Laboratory Test to Aid in the Confirmation of a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

Biomarker Insights 5: 39-47
We describe the validation of a serum-based test developed by Rules-Based Medicine which can be used to help confirm the diagnosis of schizophrenia…
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Plasma Protein Profiling Reveals Protein Clusters Related to BMI and Insulin Levels in Middle-Aged Overweight Subjects

PLoS ONE 12: e14422

Biomarkers that allow detection of the onset of disease are of high interest since early detection would allow intervening with lifestyle and nutritional changes before the disease is manifested and pharmacological therapy is required…
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A panel of urinary biomarkers to monitor reversibility of renal injury and a serum marker with improved potential to assess renal function

Nature Biotechnology 28: 444-5

The Predictive Safety Testing Consortium’s first regulatory submission to qualify kidney safety biomarkers revealed two deficiencies. To address the need for biomarkers that monitor recovery from agent-induced renal damage… This sensitive serum biomarker will enable testing of renal function in animal studies…
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Multiple sclerosis: Identification and clinical evaluation of novel CSF biomarkers

J Proteomics73: 1117-32

We performed a proteomics-based biomarker discovery study in which cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from MS and control individuals was analyzed (n=112). Ten candidate biomarkers were selected for evaluation by quantitative immunoassay…
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Validation of a Multivariate Serum Profile for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Using a Prospective Multi-Site Collection

Nature Proceedings Jul 2010

From a total of 204 biomarkers we identified a unique combination of 11 biomarkers, which appeared informative for the presence of all stages of invasive Epithelial Ovarian Cancer in women scheduled for surgery.
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Identification of distinct plasma biomarker signatures in patients with rapid and slow declining forms of COPD

COPD 7: 51-58

This study describes a novel set of plasma markers differentiating slow from rapid decline of lung function in COPD. If validated in distinct and larger cohorts, the signatures identified will have important implications in both disease diagnosis, as well as the clinical evaluation of new therapies.
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