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Founded in 2007, Quanterix has developed an ultra-sensitive diagnostic platform capable of measuring individual proteins at concentrations 1000 times lower than the best immunoassays available today.

The Single Molecule Array (Simoa™) technology at the heart of the platform enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications to address significant commercial unmet needs in life science research, in-vitro diagnostics, companion diagnostics, blood screening, and more.

Quanterix is a venture capital backed company and the exclusive licensee of a broad intellectual property portfolio initially developed at Tufts University by Dr. David Walt, scientific founder of Quanterix and Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN).

Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur
Myriad RBM is a collaborator on the Institut Pasteur’s research project Milieu Interieur (the environment within), funded through a LabEx grant from the French government. The Milieu Interieur project will take an unprecedented look at the human immune system using Myriad RBM’s TruCulture® system for blood collection and culture of an estimated 40,000 samples.

About Milieu Interieur Project
The Milieu Interieur project is an ambitious population based study supported by the French National Ministry of Research and being coordinated by the Institut Pasteur, Paris. A federation of renowned researchers and clinicians from Institut Pasteur, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) will integrate cutting-edge technology from a number of scientific disciplines including immunology, genomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics to establish the parameters that characterize the immune system of healthy individuals. Insightful analysis of this research will forge a direct path toward personalized medicine – tailoring the right therapeutic strategy for the right person at the right time.

About Institut Pasteur
Louis Pasteur created the Institut Pasteur in 1887 as a private non-profit foundation that rapidly became world-renowned for its biomedical research. The main aim of the Institut Pasteur is understanding and preventing diseases throughout the world through excellent scientific and public health research, teaching and other activities. Together with its major contribution to a deeper understanding of fundamental aspects of life, the Institut Pasteur continues to devote a large part of its efforts to infectious diseases, inherited disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and certain cancers. Close to 2,400 people work on its main campus in Paris, which is at the heart of an international network of 32 research institutes on 5 continents. Over the years, 10 Institut Pasteur researchers have received the Nobel Prize.

Covance Inc.
Myriad RBM has a biomarker alliance and services agreement with Covance Inc. (NYSE:CVD) that will provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with a powerful combination of biomarker technologies and services for use in drug development. Under terms of the agreement, Covance will use Myriad RBM as its exclusive third-party provider of multiplexed protein biomarker testing services, and Myriad RBM shall use Covance as its exclusive referral source for laboratory testing services.

About Covance Inc.
Covance, with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies with annual revenues greater than $1.7 billion, global operations in more than 25 countries, and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Information on Covance’s products and services, recent press releases, and SEC filings can be obtained through its website at

IDEXX Laboratories

IDEXX BioResearch, a division of IDEXX Laboratories, now provides rodent biomarker services through Myriad RBM. This alliance expands our already extensive offerings and demonstrates our commitment to the research community. Our comprehensive suite of products and services includes:
  • Laboratory animal diagnostics
  • Biological materials testing
  • Preclinical and clinical diagnostics
  • Research hematology and chemistry analyzers

About IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. is a leader in animal healthcare innovation, serving researchers and practicing veterinarians around the world with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services. IDEXX products support advanced research diagnostics and companion animal medical care, improved staff efficiency and help build more economical work flows. IDEXX is also a worldwide leader in providing diagnostic tests and information for livestock and poultry and tests for the quality and safety of water and milk. Headquartered in Maine, IDEXX Laboratories employs more than 4,900 people and offers products to customers in over 100 countries.

More information on IDEXX BioResearch products and services is available at