Quality Policy - Myriad RBM

Quality Policy

Commitment to Quality

Myriad RBM is committed to the highest level of quality in our product. Quality and customer satisfaction shall underlie all of our efforts.

Quality at all levels is of the highest importance from company quality to lab quality to assay quality and ultimately, product quality.

Company Quality

We maintain quality systems, policies, processes and procedures to help ensure product quality. Myriad RBM is committed to delivering the highest quality service to its customers in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

By continuous quality improvement, Myriad RBM ensures that customers are satisfied with the products and service they receive.

Lab Quality

Myriad RBM has earned CLIA licensure of accreditation from COLA, participates in external proficiency testing programs from CAP, and is capable of supporting Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies. Standardized procedures, instrumentation and quality controls are used to ensure quality throughout all aspects of the laboratory from sample receipt to results reporting.

Data Quality/Assay Validation

We ensure quality for every multiplex, every analyte, every sample, every time. Every analyte included in Myriad RBM’s Multi-Analyte Profiles (MAPs) has its own set of calibrators and controls to provide reliable, high quality data. Learn More