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Our innovative biomarker solutions support discovery, drug, and diagnostic development efforts from concept through clinical trial. Using microsphere technology, we have developed a proprietary Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) service to make the discovery and development process more efficient and effective by providing researchers with reproducible, quantitative multiplexed immunoassay data for hundreds of proteins from a single drop of blood serum or plasma.

Myriad RBM will be discontinuing all rodent services, effective February 1st 2016.

Rodent samples will be accepted for testing through that date. This difficult decision is based on our need to further direct resources to meet the growing needs of our human clinical research testing services.



If a smaller, more focused panel of analytes is required, we can build a Custom MAP to meet your needs.


Whole Blood Collection and Culture System


Vectra DA

The only validated multibiomarker blood test to measure rheumatoid arthritis (RA) disease activity.

Quanterix simoa

Ultrasensitive immunoassays manufactured by Myriad RBM and based on Quanterix’s Simoa technology.