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Resistin is a hormone secreted by adipose tissue. The length of the resistin pre-peptide in rat is 114 aa; the molecular weight is ~12.5 kDa. Among the hormones synthesized and released from adipose tissue (adiponectin, angiotensin, estradiol, IL-6, leptin, PAI-1, TNF-a, and resistin), resistin is an adipocytokine whose physiologic role has been the subject of much controversy with regards to its involvement with obesity and type II diabetes mellitus. Resistin was first discovered in 2001 and was originally found to be produced and released from adipose tissue to serve endocrine functions likely involved in insulin resistance. This idea primarily stems from studies demonstrating that serum resistin levels increase with obesity in several model systems. Since these observations, further research has linked resistin to other physiological systems such as inflammation and energy homeostasis.

Swiss-Prot Accession Number: Q9HD89