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Clusterin (CLU)

Clusterin (CLU) is the most widely accepted name for a highly conserved protein that has been identified independently by many different laboratories. Other names for CLU include: SGP2, S35-S45, apolipoprotein J, SP-40, 40, ADHC-9, gp80, GPIII, and testosterone-repressed prostate message (TRPM-2). Clusterin has been associated with the clearance of cellular debris and apoptosis. Other functions include the control of complement-mediated cell lysis, shuttling of aberrant beta-amyloid across the blood-brain barrier and lipid scavenging. The measurement of urinary or serum clusterin may play a role in the early detection of renal injury. Increased urinary levels have been observed in rat models of tubular proteinuria but not glomerular proteinuria.

Swiss-Prot Accession Number: P05371