Strategic Biomarker Solutions

Myriad RBM’s Strategic Biomarker Services can provide solutions to help discover and validate biomarker patterns for use in the following clinical trial and companion diagnostic applications:

  • Identifying responders versus non-responders
  • Expanding indications for approved drugs/Drug re-tasking
  • Predicting drug toxicity
  • Therapeutic monitoring
  • Pharmacodynamics

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Why Choose Myriad RBM?

Comprehensive Menu

Over 11 years of assay development and biomarker expertise have enabled Myriad RBM to grow our menu to more than 250 quantitative human biomarker assays. The use of our comprehensive menu increases the odds of identifying novel protein biomarker patterns in drug development or diagnostic discovery projects. Once a pattern is discovered, Myriad RBM can seamlessly convert those biomarker assays into a CustomMAP for high volume sample processing resulting in more efficient clinical trials.

Product and Service


Myriad RBM has earned CLIA licensure of accreditation, participates in external proficiency testing programs from CAP and can develop and manufacture cGMP kits. Myriad RBM validates all assays to clinical laboratory standards to ensure the highest caliber data. To read more about our quality control procedures, please visit our data quality page.


The Myriad RBM platform combines the sensitivity and dynamic range of microsphere-based immuno-multiplexing with the precision and dependability of automated liquid handling. Together these features distinguish Myriad RBM from other biomarker testing labs by offering high quality, cost-effective immunoassay measurements.


Myriad RBM has gained extensive experience with analytical data on biomarkers from serum, plasma, CSF, urine, cell cultures, tissue extracts, BAL, as well as other sample matrices across thousands of studies in several disease areas. These efforts have been compiled into a resource that can be used to add statistical power to your biomarker project and to guide your project’s biomarker selection criteria.

Experimental Design (Biomarker Arm) and Data Analysis

The task of managing, analyzing, and understanding the data generated from biomarker studies can often prove to be challenging. Myriad RBM can assist in the basic experimental design and downstream data analysis so that you have the best interpretation of your data. We also have trusted partners with industry-leading expertise in statistical analysis of complex diagnostic datasets to whom we can refer you, should your needs extend outside of our capabilities.

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