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OncologyMAP® v. 2.0

OncologyMAP v. 2.0 is a powerful research tool developed with funding and direction from the National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas *. It is a comprehensive, cost-effective testing service that builds on the success of the original OncologyMAP by increasing the scope and diversity of biomarker analysis. OncologyMAP v. 2.0 quantitatively measures nearly 130 cancer-related proteins which can help researchers accelerate the pace of discovery, validation and translation of cancer biomarkers for early detection, patient stratification and therapeutic monitoring.

OncologyMAP v. 2.0 is powered by Myriad RBM’s Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) service platform.

Myriad RBM’s experts have built a platform optimized to help researchers discover and validate biomarker patterns for use in their drug and diagnostic development efforts.

  • Comprehensive menu – increases the odds of identifying a pattern
  • Multiplexing capability – preserves sample volume
  • Rigorous quality standards – ensures reproducible results
  • Proprietary blockers – reduces matrix interferences
  • Industrialized platform – delivers precise, high throughput processing

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