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Development of a Customized Ex Vivo Whole Blood Stimulation Assay for Use in Clinical Trials: Measurement of a PD Response to a Small Molecule Kinase Inhibitor
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Angiogenesis Dysregulation in the Plasma of Term Asphyxiated Newborns Treated with Hypothermia
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Characterization of the Healthy Immune Response to Innate Sensor Specific Stimuli
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SOT Poster 2013 – A Comparative Study on the Renal Toxicity of Industrial Chelates Using Novel Urinary Protein Biomarkers as Early Predictors of Nephrotoxicity View Poster
Myriad RBM – AACR Poster 2013 – Analysis of Protein Biomarkers in Prostate and Colorectal Tumor Lysates
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Investigating Stability of Multiple Forms of Interferon-Gamma Inducible Protein 10 in Plasma Using a Novel 3-Plex Immunoassay View Poster
Multiplex Development of 35 New Cancer-Related Immunoassays View Poster
Challenges in Development and Validation of a Multiplex Assay to Detect Biomarkers in Human Serum and Cerebrospinal Fluid View Poster
Reduced responsiveness of circulating leukocytes following metal-rich particulate matter exposure View Abstract
Development of a Multiplex Immunoassay biomarker panel for Spinal Muscular Atrophy View Poster
The OncologyMAP® service delivers data from the quantitative measurement of 101 cancer-related serum proteins. This novel service offering is an unprecedented tool for broad applications in oncology. View Poster
Rules-Based Medicine – Innovative Biomarker Solutions View Poster
Novel Biomarkers of Cisplatin-induced Kidney Damage View Poster
The Clinical Phenotype of Myelofibrosis Encompasses a Chronic Inflammatory State that is Favorably Altered by INCB018424, a Selective Inhibitor of JAK1/2 View Poster | View Abstract
Development and Validation of a Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) of Putative Biomarkers of Human Kidney Damage View Poster | View Abstract
Development of a new 3D-Human Airway Epithelium/ Whole-blood Co-culture Model Combined with Multi-AnalyteProfile (MAP) Analyses for Assessing Drug Effects View Poster
EDI-Co gut, a human co-culture from intestinal epithelia and whole-blood used as test model to characterize the effects of microbial metabolites on immune-cell function View Poster
EDI-Co Skin 3D-Co-culture model combined with RBM MAP analyses: Optimized examination of human immune cell function in skin product testing View Poster