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Myriad RBM Companion Diagnostic Tools

Enabling Precision Medicine with Complex Companion Diagnostic Tools

Precision medicine promises tailored treatment for patients and significantly reduced drug failure rates for biopharmaceutical companies. In order to deliver targeted therapeutics, drug developers must design clinical trials that utilize a validated companion diagnostic assay as part of the enrollment criteria…

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Simoa Webinar

Detecting the Undetectable: Development & Validation of Ultrasensitive Simoa-based Immunoassay Services

Reliably detecting immuno-modulating proteins in serum and plasma from normal individuals has historically been impossible due to the lack of sensitivity of conventional immunoassays. Quanterix and Myriad RBM are working together to change this paradigm via ultrasensitive, high quality immunoassay services that offer drug developers an unparalleled approach to clinical research.

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A Myriad RBM Webinar

Vectra® DA: A Multi-Biomarker Blood Test for Assessing Disease Activity in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

This presentation will summarize: the development and validation of Vectra DA, the basis for its clinical utility, and how Vectra DA can be helpful to clinical trials of pharmaceutical agents.

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Detection of Subclinical Interstitial Lung Disease: A Potential Role for Targeted Blood Biomarker Profiling

The general purpose of our translational research studies is to identify clinical tools for the detection of subclinical parenchymal lung disease.

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Standardized Assays for Personalized Immune Response Monitoring

This online seminar provides an overview of research published in Immunity that demonstrates progress in the standardization of assays for personalized immune response monitoring.

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Translating Preclinical Pharmacology in Clinical Activity

Watch to learn how Myriad RBM’s products and services were used by VentiRx to compare potency, define PK/PD relationships, identify potential clinical biomarkers of VTX-2337 activity and establish a Minimal Anticipated Biological Effect Level (MABEL) for the initial clinical trial.

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Drug Induced Kidney Injury Biomarkers: Data From Four Species

Translatability and Utility in Drug Safety Studies and Kidney Disease Research – Find out how this suite of solutions, developed in conjunction with the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium (PSTC), can help you expedite translational development from pre-clinical animal studies to early clinical testing.

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TruCulture®: Simplicity in Ex Vivo Immune Monitoring

Discover what TruCulture is and how it’s helping drug developers make better decisions.

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