A Whole Blood Collection and Culture Tube for Standardized Immunophenotyping Procedures

TruCulture tubes are designed to capture immune cell activity at the time and place of sample collection, thereby minimizing the bias and variability introduced by sample shipping and manipulation. These revolutionary tubes consist of an integrated whole-blood collection and leukocyte culture system that is reliable, simple to use and does not require specialized laboratory equipment. TruCulture enables researchers to reproducibly ascertain information about immune responses to stress or stimulation, including responses to novel therapeutics. The ex vivo TruCulture procedure preserves physiological cellular interactions to more accurately reflect the complexities of the human immune system, bringing added value to immune monitoring in clinical trials.

How TruCulture Works:

TruCulture tubes simplify and optimize the procedure for immune stimulation, assuring standardization and harmonization of results across different laboratories.


TruCulture tubes are pre-loaded with cell culture media and your choice of stimulant. The tubes are sent frozen and shipped directly to the collection site.

1mL of blood is drawn directly into the tube.


The tubes are incubated in dry heat blocks at 37°C for at least 30 minutes and up to 48 hours, depending on the application.

After incubation, an easy to use mechanical separator is inserted to stop the reaction.


The frozen tubes should be sent to Myriad RBM’s testing laboratory for analysis of secreted cytokines and chemokines.

The tubes are also compatible with flow cytometry and gene expression analysis.

The procedure requires less than 5 minutes hands-on time, no specialized laboratory equipment and can be performed by any person trained in phlebotomy.

TruCulture Tube Components